Hindu Wands (A.K.A. Chinese Sticks)

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Based on the set that inspired Houdini!

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Full Description:

Walter Gibson was an American author and professional magician, best known for his work on the pulp fiction character The Shadow. He developed a routine for the Hindu Wands (also known as Chinese Sticks) and performed it several times for Houdini in 1926. Houdini was so impressed by his performance, that he recorded Gibson's explanation of the routine and had a custom set of sticks made for himself as well. Unfortunately, Houdini died right before he could do his performance with these. The video shows a basic routine using the Hindu wands built in the same style and material (bamboo) that Houdini had had his made. The purchase includes two Hindu Wands (handmade out of bamboo) and a custom built stands, as well as the book: Walter B. Gibson's Magic Words (A $35 value) Share the video http://youtu.be/vCQEqMTqkqo