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The greatest sleight of hand ever

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The time has come for you to learn the art of CD manipulation! Learn them all, step by step, move by move... Tenkai Palm: The core sleight used for productions and vanishes! Toss Vanish: A visual vanish where the CD seems to vanish in mid air! Side Toss Vanish: A quick and stunning vanish! Pop-out Production: A finger tip appearance that looks phenomenal! Multiple CD Production: The move that will make you sought after! Vanishing of Mutiple CDs: The most incredible series of vanishes in existence! Color Change: A striking color change of?a CD that can be shown on both sides! Extra Appearances: More sensational ways to make a CD appear! Hand to Hand: Your hands are empty.. or are they? Split Production: A split appearance that is eye popping! Tenkai with mini CD: A core move that can be used for close-up! One handed Vanish: A wicked looking vanish with one hand! Two handed Vanish: An awesome retention of vision! Split Production with mini CDs: Split the mini CDs over and over! Growing CD: A mini CD transforms in a full size CD, you got to see it to believe it! Vanish Multiple Mini CDs: Show off and vanish them so effortlessly.. with your fingers spread! Flip Vanish: A totally standout vanish utilizing a classic move! Clear CD into Real CD: A shocking and lightning fast transformation! Silver Confetti to CD: An elegant and eye pleasing production! Colored CD to Silk: Literally pull off the color and transform it into a silk! Basic Construction of Ultimate CD: The gimmick that will make you pass out! Ultimate Vanish: Perform this vanish naked if you dare!