Whatever happens in front of the mirror becomes reality through the looking glass

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Full Description:

*Limited Tenyo Brand Edition* A platform with four coin sized recesses is displayed. Two quarters are placed onto the platform, in the rear left and front right positions. A mirror is then placed onto the center of the platform. Then - presto! An illusion is created: both coins appear to be on the right side of the platform. When the mirror is removed, the reflection has become reality: both coins really are on the right. Next a quarter and a penny are placed onto both the front and rear sections of the platform, but in opposite positions. The mirror creates the illusion and the illusion becomes reality. Only one coin is used in the next phase and its placed in the front. Whit the mirror comes the illusion of two coins and the reflection becomes reality. Another quarter is added to the front and for the finale, four coins are seen to be on the platform. Eclipse is a magic trick that is almost supernatural. (Comes with instructions)