Deep Astonishment II

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An incredible that makes you look like a true fortune teller. Created by Paul Harris & Rodney

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NO CUE CARDS! NO MEMORIZATION! NO MNEMONICS! NO LEAD-IN EFFECT! NO CARDS TO HOLD! TOTALLY ANGLE PROOF! You display a leather gypsy envelope and a beautiful old gypsy fortune telling deck. Each has a fortune printed right on its face. You ask the spectator to utter the name of a special someone to create a relaxed fortune telling atmosphere. Let's say her special name is "ROSE". You then do a short three cad reading for your spectator. The first card predicts good luck. The second card indicates an impending mystery. The third card hints that this impending lucky mystery might have something to do with an envelope. Could it be referring to the leather envelope lying on the table...? You open the leather envelope and remove a small packet of fortune telling cards. Their backs are a different color than the cards you've been using! You slowly and cleanly deal the cards from the envelope on to the table. The first card has a large hand drawn "R" on its back. The next card an "O". The next an "S". The final card an "E"...spelling ROSE!