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The act that won two Society of American Magicians Close-Up Magic Competitions and their coveted Originality Award. This is the first DVD/Video devoted to finger magic. It contains Meir YedidÂ’s award-winning Finger Fantasies act: the most incredible, impromptu routine ever seen. Your pinkie, ring finger, middle finger and your index finger all vanish and reappear at will! Make your pinkie telescope into your palm, your thumb travels up and down your arm, take a knife and cut off one of your fingers, and more. As seen on Comedy Tonight (FOX-TV), The Paul Daniels Show (BBC-TV), Naruhodo The World (Fuji-TV), Luna De Verano (CS-TV), Saturday Night Live (NBC-TV), and even used on Broadway and in the Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus. You will learn how to make your fingers vanish and everything you need to know about performing this unique act. Running time: Approximately 30 minutes. Special DVD Features Bonus archival footage from a lecture given by Meir Yedid in October 1982 where he teaches parts of his Finger Fantasies act and jokes about its many applications. Instant access to 13 scenes