Larry Anderson’s Jaw Droppers Volume 4

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Card trickeries you can master in minutes

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This video is filled with card tricks. The back of the box lists these tricks included in this video. "Totally Easy 1. Do As I Do 2. I'm Sure You Degree 3. Out of My Hands 4. Quick as Lightning 5. The Odd Couples 6. Two on a Match Tricks with four Aces 7. An Ace-stounding Discovery 8. The Drunken Shuffle 9. Touchy-Feely Aces The Amazing Key Card 10. How the Key Card Works 11. Gotcha! 12. The Im-pulse-able Discovery Card Mentalism 13. Under the Influence 14. Picture Perfect Prediction Special Bonus the Svengali Deck 15. How the Svengali Deck Works 16. Somebody Stop Me 17. A Bottom Deal 18. The Airborne Card 19. Copy Cat Cards 20 Elevator Card 21 Hanky Panky Card Penetration 22. Hide N' Seek and You Shall Find 23. Take a Stab at It 24. The Ol' Switcheroo 25. Split Decision