Magic, Mirth, and Meaning is a Hit at Toy Boat!

toyboatpremiere3Saturday night was the premiere of The Vanishing Wheelchair’s monthly magic show.  The event was filled with amazing stage illusions that kept the audience in wonder.  Kids of all ages as well as adults attended looking for a night of entertainment.

Tj Shimeld and Ricky Boone, founders of the Vanishing Wheelchair, showed off their polished acts on stage.  TJ is well-known for his whimsical routine using the linking rings and Ricky Boone did his hilarious comedy act involving coin tricks and handcuff escapes.

The two magicians were accompanied by a group of local talents who impressed their spectators by making both objects and people disappear and reappear seemingly in a matter of seconds.

toyboatpremiere2What really makes this show unique is that not only is it a well performed magic show but that it also tells a story. The true tale told is how TJ was in a devastating car accident that left his hand shattered and immovable, but then his magician friend Ricky Boone, a man who has been disabled in a wheelchair his entire life, inspires TJ to continue to perform and eventaully train his hand to be used again.

The Vanishing Wheelchair’s mission is to continue to support those who are disabled and needing inspiration and a purpose in this world.  They invite those to join their performance group as well as help in  whatever way possible

toyboatpremiere1This incredible show will be put on every 3rd Saturday of the month.  Tickets are completely donation based. Purchase tickets here.





Watch the exclusive trailer of the show: