Vanishing Wheelchair

Inspired by the mystifying misdirection of Ricky D. Boone who uses magic and comedy to make his disability a great ability, The Vanishing Wheelchair, Inc. was founded to teach the art of misdirection to encourage the world to focus on another’s ability rather than one’s disability; to guide youth in the discovery of their own talents; and to give youth a path to reach their full potential.

T.J. Shimeld and Ricky D. Boone founded the organization to help people with special needs and to promote the arts. Ricky’s life has purpose: he loves to make people laugh. T.J. and Ricky would love to give others a chance to find what they love.

How you can Help!

Proceeds from products of The Vanishing Wheelchair, Inc. will fund this project.

T.J. and Ricky’s dream is to have a place where they can let special needs people come and be a part of a business, be a part of a magic show whether they wish to perform magic, sing, dance, tell jokes, paint, take photographs, or sell tickets.

What we are looking for:

  • Monetary Donations
  • Old toys
  • Magic supplies, tricks & illusions

If you would like to make a donation, please contact us today!