Founder of WNC Magic Club

rickyy_zombieballRicky D. Boone started the WNC Magic Club with a few close friends in 1988 to encourage and inspire others in the art and craft of magic. It was a natural extension of his magic shop, Magic Central, which has served Asheville since 1995.

Ricky himself has lived an amazing journey in his 50-odd years. Diagnosed at a young age with a rare disease that delivered his life perspective from a wheelchair, Ricky discovered the joy of performing magic as a teen. From there, he went on to develop his craft to the extent that all 3 television networks featured his performances in the 1980s.

Ricky kept up with his magic and began to deliver motivation and inspiration to others as well. The WNC Magic Club, and all the members who have shared camaraderie and built skill over the years, are beneficiaries of his desire to share the good fortune he has enjoyed in life.

In 2010, our hero went a step further. With TJ Shimeld, he formed The Vanishing Wheelchair, a 501(c)(3) organization. Its mission:

“To make disability disappear by working with people with disabilities to help them find their unique place in the world, and to change the world’s view of disabled people by sharing their inspirational stories.”

In 2012, Ricky was honored by the International Brotherhood of Magicians in The Linking Ring magazine. The magazine, begun in 1922, honored Ricky’s service and graced its cover with his portrait. He’s happy to provide autographs!

Ricky’s daily achievements continue, including personal struggles with illness and family health. What all of Ricky’s friends know is that even when his road is tough, he’s always there for us. His warmth, humor and unique brand of mischief continue to bring pleasure.

The WNC Magic Club often finds itself lending a hand to the events organized by The Vanishing Wheelchair. It is a privilege to help Ricky in his continuing quest to serve others.

Hats off to Ricky D. Boone, our founder and our hero.